The product is a diptest panel including 12 strips, each specific for a single drug group. The drug groups tested are COC300-AMP1000-MET1000-THC50-MTD300-MOP300-TRA100-OXY300-BZO300-FTY20-TCA1000-BUP10. The number code after the 3-letter drug symbol indicates the cut-off value for the calibrator used.

The panel can be used to test the 12 indicated drug groups in urine and drinks. Result in each drug strip is available for reading as soon as a clear control line C has become visible. Missing T line indicates that the sample contains some of the drugs belonging to the drug group tested by the strip. When both control line C and test line T are visible, the sample did not contain any of the drugs tested by the strip at detectable concentrations. 

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12-Drug Test Panel

12-Drug Test Panel

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