The product is based on the curing effects of a mixture of natural chemicals present in the birch tree tar produced with a patented technology. The curing effect on a variety of skin problems and diseases has been shown. Moreover, the traditional history of the use and curing effects of tar is centuries long. 

The piston-equipped tube is 67 mm tall with a diameter of 16 mm, i.e. easy to carry along unnoticed in pocket or make-up bag. The piston enables direct wiping to the skin area needing cure, like insect bites, abrasions, pimples, eczema, psoriatic lesions, etc. The product is wiped 1-2 times daily to the appropriate skin area until the skin has healed. Whenever necessary, the salva can be washed off by soap or shampoo.

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Skin cure salva Aurora, 4 ml

Skin cure salva Aurora, 4 ml

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