Ketamine is an anaesthetic replacement to phencyclidine. It has become a popular home use drug and knock-out drop. The ffects last typically 4-6 hours and include insensibility, disappearance of coordination, spasticity, aggressive behaviour, feel of invulnerability and extravagant strength, obscure speech and stare with empty eyes.

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Ketamin Dip Test Strip, 10 pcs

Ketamin Dip Test Strip, 10 pcs

The test strip is dipped to the urine or drink sample, not deeper than to the max line indicated by arrows,  removed after 15-20 seconds, and put in horizontal position. The result is read after 5 min and interpreted as follows: 

*Two reddish lines (control line C upper, test line T lower, i.e. closer to the dipped end of the strip) indicates negative result, i.e. no ketamines detectable in the sample.

*If only C line is visible (i.e. T line is missing), the result is positive indicating that the sample contains ketamines

*If C line is missing the result is invalid and should not be interpreted any way.

The sensitivity (cut-off) of the test is 100 ng/ml.

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