Privacy of the customer is safeguarded by all legal ways. The information collected by the web shop will remain in the web shop until destroyed. No information of the customer nor of the purchases nor of the visits to and communications with the web shop or Abcell Corporation will be opened nor transferred to any third party nor used for building any other data stores. Purchased products are dispatched to the address given by the customer with no other information on the outside of the envelope or package but the name and address of the receiver and the name, address and logo of the sender, Abcell Corporation. The delivery address of nor given by the customer will not be used for sending advertisements, marketing materials nor questionnaires.

The web shop is operated by the Mycashflow platform. Available money transfer service enterprises are given and take care of the payment and money transfer system selected by the customer. Neither the web shop nor Abcell Corporation will receive any information of customer´s bank accounts, credit cards, or payment methods.